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First love of your life doesn’t always last

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The truth and nothing but the truth

Did you hear about that great inside tip of the best burger place in Berlin? That was The Bird, a couple of years ago, when they still had only one location, tucked away in a side street in Prenzlauer Berg.

So that first encounter was actually quite nice, as The Bird goes straight for your genitals to achieve ‘the WOW effect’ (actual quote #GayGuy). Which means impressively looking burgers, so huge that you wonder how you are ever going to eat them, so fat that the juices come out of your digital pictures you take from them. And once you’re done, you really have the feeling you finally achieved something in life.

Unfortunately enough, we were burger virgins in those days (except for the usual McDonald’s, Burger King or Shake Shack sins). But as we all know from our first time, and/or our first love, when you later look back on it, it is not as good as it seems. Now we’re not going to hold The Bird responsible for the post-coitus first-time troubles everyone has. They’re not nearly as clumsy as that, thank god. But something was missing…

That was a long story, dude. Ze burgers?!

Still in the top-ten of Berlin, to be fair. The beef is good and juicy, the sauce tastes like a little sweet secret, and the bread is at least something different, as it is thin and flat and completely unqualified to hold all the meat inside (no pun intended 😀 ).

bird Express Big Crack Burger

So, The Bird for us has become kind of the McDonald’s of good burgers, the place that is solid in quality and where you can always go to show your foreign friends there is more than a Big Mac. We’re even willing to forgive them for the fact that during our last visit one of the patties was very rare instead of medium. But in the meantime we discovered there is more than our first love, and that the big X factor is just a bit missing. We went looking for more qualities than the ones that catch your eye immediately… and we’re still looking for them at The Bird.

Famous last words?

Do not, I repeat DO NOT try the vegetarian burger. In a moment of insanity we went on a meatless diet for a couple of weeks and did the unthinkable: we ordered a veggie at The Bird. It is basically a giant mushroom, unfortunately without any druggy LSD effects, and so plain and without taste you would suspect them to make it as dull as possible so everyone becomes a carnivore again. Mission accomplished, by the way.

Bird Express Cutlery

  • Price: Burger 10-18€ (fries included)
  • Address: Kleine Präsidentenstraße 3, Mitte
  • Website:
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 8 / 10
    • Fries: 8 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 7 / 10
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